NEW! Bulk Refill NT - Even Better Value

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* Six (6) 24 oz. spray bottles of TeslaChick(TM) High-Def Waterless Car Wash 

* Zero (0) TeslaChick(TM) UltraPlush Microfiber Cloths

* Three (3) 16 oz. pump bottles (double the sample size--not pictured) -- TeslaChick(TM) High-Tech Microfiber Detergent

Take care of your towels = less waste & greater savings.  If you have taken good care of your microfiber cloths (wash and dry them only in warm, not hot temperatures and use microfiber detergent SPARINGLY -- never laundry softener or laundry detergent) -- if your towels are still silky soft with no matted or fused (melted) fibers, then this refill should yield about 24 washes at a cost of only $4.79 per wash!