Microfiber Detergent - 16 oz.


One Pair (2) of Microfiber Detergent in 8 oz size.

This highly concentrated detergent is strong enough to fully cut through automotive grime, yet it rinses cleanly, keeping the fibers of your microfiber cloths soft and supple (not fused or coated with a crust like laundry detergents and softeners leave).


Care for UltraPlush Microfiber Cloths is easy -- a small amount (1-2 oz.) of TeslaChick High-Tech Microfiber Detergent in your washing machine on WARM, NEVER HOT cycle.  Dry on WARM, NOT HOT settings--or you could melt & fuse delicate fibers. 

Never use traditional laundry detergents or softeners - they will coat the microfibers with a scratchy residue that doesn't rinse cleanly.  Also, this detergent is formulated to break up automotive dirt and grime organically, with VOC-Compliant, Green-manufactured, clean-rinsing technology.  

Keep your cloths at their softest and most plush -- the secret of keeping your car's showroom perfect finish -- or bringing it back if the luster has gone.   Be kind to your microfiber cloths and they will be kind to your baby -- Tesla or otherwise.