TeslaChick(TM) High-Tech Microfiber Detergent - One 8 oz. bottle


Care for UltraPlush Microfiber Cloths is easy -- a small amount (1-2 oz.) of TeslaChick High-Tech Microfiber Detergent in your washing machine on WARM, NEVER HOT cycle.  Dry on WARM, NOT HOT settings--or you could melt & fuse delicate fibers. 

Never use traditional laundry detergents or softeners - they will coat the fibers with a scratchy residue that doesn't rinse cleanly.  Also, this detergent is formulated to break up automotive dirt and grime organically, with VOC-Compliant, Green-manufactured, clean-rinsing technology.  

Keep your cloths at their softest and most plush -- the secret of keeping your car's showroom finish perfect.   Be kind to your microfiber cloths and they will be kind to your Tesla.