About Us

TeslaChick:  1.) Fangirl of Tesla Motors, Nikola Tesla, and/or Sustainable Innovation; 2.) Someone who enjoys the freedom and pleasure of providing the most gentle care for the world's most exquisite car, him- or herself.

When I bought my first Tesla in June, 2013, I was blown away by its glossy, silky shine.  A pleasure to touch -- so smooth, so bright, so...  red.  (Her name was "Ruby".)  I vowed I would take the best care of this beauty that was possible -- I'd find the time to wait 45 minutes at the local "hand wash" every week for "professionals" to clean it.  I was so wrong.  The tools and techniques they use are far too harsh.  There is something better that takes 5-10 minutes of my time, minimal effort, and costs about one fifth the price:  Waterless Car Wash.

I had heard it before but still didn't believe it.  The professional detailers at the Tesla Service Center were the ones that finally changed my mind.  On my initial visit there, I actually confronted them while they washed my car without a hose.  I didn't understand, wouldn't they scratch it?  They assured me they wouldn't -- in fact, they pointed out the swirl marks on a neighboring car -- the ones I thought were "normal".  The ones my car did not yet have. They let me feel their dreamy soft microfiber cloths -- cloths without any edging that might rub.  They had me spray on the product and showed me how to gently pull the cloth (folded in quarters) in one direction, lifting the lubricated dirt and grime in its fibers.  That was all there was to it -- spray, then wipe.  But it was sensual.  I was hooked.  And the whole car took only 5 minutes to finish.  Most importantly, Ruby looked amazing! (Well, she can't help it!)

I researched and found a professional detailing store where I could buy these products--sold in bulk.  I made myself a "Frunk Kit" and took it everywhere.  No more filthy recycled water - single buckets of used suds - scratchy cotton, or aged thin-nap "microfiber" wannabes.  No more hoses or buckets, stiff brushes or the dreaded buffers (the source of those swirls).  I even road-tested my Frunk Kit on a 6,000-mile road trip last summer -- washing my Model X everywhere from the 8,000-foot peak of Mesa Verde to the Death Valley desert, 280 feet below sea level at 110 degrees, and across 13 states.   

Now I want to share the sense of freedom and pleasure I've found with you -- even if you don't have a Frunk yet -- for no doubt, someday you will!  

Best Wishes,

Diana Becker & Family