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Our pledge to go completely plastic-free by 2019 was too ambitious, instead we are currently:

  • Transitioning to larger containers of products 
  • Transitioning to the right plastics - the most easily recyclable.  For information on plastic coding and recycling, click here.
  • Using minimal packaging. (We use microfiber towels as padding instead of bubble wrap, and we don't separate products with plastic bags.)
  • Making kits and products uniform in size to standard shipping boxes.
  • UPDATE: We are revamping our products in an attempt to eliminate plastics - the latest batch of our products were delivered with non-removable (non-reusable) spray tops) - we will be using these up then switching over to re-usable spray bottles only.

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Water Conservation:

"The average home car wash uses 80 to 145 gallons of water, according to the International Carwash Association.  The average commercial car wash uses 45." - Orange County Register

When you use waterless car wash, you use zero.

Even better, your purchase contributes to water conservation four more ways:

  1. Minimizing toxic runoff
  2. Supporting "green" manufacturing
  3. 15% of our profits or a minimum of $250 worth of products are contributed annually to clean water charities.
    4.    Minimizing the use of plastics & non-recyclable plastics

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Our Donations Since 2018:

Listed below are some of the causes we are interested in supporting.  

Please feel free to send us your additional suggested clean water charities to: and

  • Mermaids for Clean Water -
  • Generosity -
  • Pure Water for the World -
  • Blood:Water -
  • Water For Good -
  • Hope of Life International -
  • Charity:Water -
  • Three Avocados -
  • PureMadi -        
  • The Columbia Water Center -
  • Water Is Life -
  • Miya -