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We made a pledge to go completely plastic-free by 2019.  Too ambitious, especially for a small, family-owned company like ours in 2018.  The cost of aluminum spray bottles for all customers, the cost and space requirement for obtaining a cartoning machine... even paper-based bubble wrap is so rarely used that the economies of scale are just not there yet.  So instead, we will do what we can given the current business environment:

  • Transitioning to package refills in larger containers 
  • Transitioning to using the right plastics - the most easily recyclable:  Plastic codes
  • Using minimal packaging when we ship products (read below - it may not always look as "professional" to use microfiber towels as padding instead of bubble wrap, but we're doing it anyway)
  • Planning kit contents to most efficiently fit in the minimal number of shipping boxes.

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Water Conservation:

"The average home car wash uses 80 to 145 gallons of water, according to the International Carwash Association.  The average commercial car wash uses 45." - Orange County Register

We use zero.

Even better, your purchase contributes to water conservation four more ways:

  1. By not only conserving water but by minimizing toxic runoff.
  2. By supporting "green" manufacturing, regulated in the US and with Californian environmental standards.
  3. By supporting our company in contributing 15% of our profits annually to clean water charities (if we don't make a profit in 2018, our first full year of operation, we will be contributing products to these organizations for fundraising.)
    4.   By supporting a company committed to minimizing plastics, and with the following plans for 2018 & 2019:
                a.  To offer an alternative to disposable plastic squirt bottles with reusable/refillable brushed-aluminum squirt bottles.
                b.  To replace plastic detergent bottles with pouches or cartons (cartons do still use plastic liners - we are still            
                      researching these options)
                c.  To provide optional concentrated products, saving on shipping costs and also minimizing the pollution of 
                      heavier deliveries
                d.  To find alternatives to plastic bubble wrap that are cost effective, and not just green in color(!)
As we make this transition, please bear with us while we use up old (plastic) supplies.

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Some Thoughts on Packaging:

It's a challenge to make a product presentation "look professional" while at the same time minimizing packaging.  The two seem to be mutually exclusive in these "modern" times.  Apparently, most CEO's think those extra bags, and shrink wrap, and layers of molded inserts that display the products, and those crazy giant bubble chains with their brand name printed on each bubble are a necessary part of doing business.  I admit they still influence my subconscious judgements as a shopper.  Yet are they truly necessary?  This is the dilemma.  Anyone can buy all these crazy, wasteful things and make their products look "just like the big boys' products".  But why?

I have a thought, a vision, that this will not always be the case.  First of all, in the case of TeslaChick, I am hoping that being an online business means the actual product packaging is not such a factor in shoppers' purchase decisions.  Shoppers are making initial decisions looking at online images, not at the packaging, though when the products arrive, I'm sure you might think it is "quaint" of us not to have that escalated level of professional-looking packaging like everyone else.  

We, as a company, made the decision not to participate in these shenanigans.  Of course, there is a place out there that sells all this packaging wondering why I never called them back.  We decided not to buy the little branded plastic baggies to place our towels in, or the cardboard sleeve with tie-wraps to secure around each of our items with yet more printing and advertising.  We don't place shrink-wrap collars around each of our bottles, or buy the branded custom packaging tape or the giant branded boxes to fill with that fancy new huge-bubble chain insert.

Personally, I hate the tearing and stabbing with steak knives that goes on in my household after a visit to what is otherwise my favorite warehouse store -- all the while trying to get at a tiny item shielded by a two-foot by two foot square of 50-gauge display plastic.  Or the multiple trips with armfuls of cardboard and sharp plastic as I struggle to cram it into my recycling bin afterwards.

Instead, we here at TeslaChick have made a decision to package everything conservatively -- and all together.  Hopefully, you will find this a more accessible, humane and tactile experience.  We placed our soft plush towels immediately beneath the Waterless Wash bottles so that you can't help but feel their silky softness with your fingertips when picking up that first bottle.  I hope you will not judge us too harshly for it - and perhaps, think twice about your own packaging for whatever you ship and sell online in the future.

Diana Becker

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Our Donations:

Listed below are some of the causes we would like to support.  Also, on a recent road trip across America, my family learned that the Navajo people are living with extreme poverty and lack of clean drinking water, right here in America.  Even though I and my children sponsored kids in third world countries for over a decade, we learned there is poverty that rivals it right here at home.  (See the Aquarius Project US for more info).

Please feel free to send us your opinions about the best clean water charities to: and

  • Generosity -
  • Pure Water for the World -
  • Blood:Water -
  • Water For Good -
  • Hope of Life International -
  • Charity:Water -
  • Three Avocados -
  • PureMadi -        
  • The Columbia Water Center -
  • Water Is Life -
  • Miya -
  • Mermaids for Clean Water -

Amounts donated to charity to date:

Mermaids for Clean Water - Product totaling $255