• Immaculate Perception Glass Cleaner


    Streak-free, easy to use - one swipe - crystal clear glass cleaner.  You can use Waterless Car Wash to clean your windows but it requires buffing to get the clear shine.  This is easier, and unlike many commercial glass cleaners (including those sold in auto-supply stores), this one is safe for tinted windows, biodegradable, low-fume and made in America.  We've packaged it in a soft recyclable plastic container.

    Promotes water-beading and anti-fogging for up to three weeks, Sorry I did not include directions on the bottle, but if you don't know how to use window cleaner, well... um...  Just spray and wipe - like almost all our other products.

    32 ounces

    COMING SOON:  CONCENTRATE.  -- will save on shipping and environmental impact.  Please note, if you order any of our products and we either lower our prices or offer a better product shortly thereafter, we will give you a store credit for the difference in what you missed out on--so do not hesitate to try our products even while they are undergoing changes!  Thanks for your patience :)


    We've searched the automotive detailing world for the very best, most simple, do-it-yourself products.  We buy in bulk and package trunk kits for our Tesla-owning (and other) friends, attempting to use the most environmentally-friendly bottling and shipping we can. We are always looking to improve, so please send your feedback to:  diana.at.teslachick@gmail.com.  Thank you for your business.  Family-owned and run.

    Simplicity IS Luxury


    Note re shipping:  We send via Priority Mail due to the great rates they give us, while still enabling us to track orders (we split the cost with you on small orders) - but there is always free shipping in our store on any order over $50.