• TeslaChick(TM) High-Tech Microfiber Detergent - 16 oz.


    Care for UltraPlush Microfiber Cloths is easy -- a small amount (1-2 oz.) of TeslaChick High-Tech Microfiber Detergent in your washing machine on WARM, NEVER HOT cycle.  Dry on WARM, NOT HOT settings--or you could melt & fuse delicate fibers. 

    Never use traditional laundry detergents or softeners with your microfiber - they will coat the microfibers with a scratchy residue that doesn't rinse cleanly.  Also, this detergent is formulated to break up automotive dirt and grime organically, with VOC-Compliant, Green-manufactured, clean-rinsing technology.  Can also restore lightly-damaged fibers.

    Keep your cloths at their softest and most plush -- the secret of keeping your car's showroom perfect finish -- or bringing it back if the luster has gone.   Be kind to your microfiber cloths and they will be kind to your Tesla.

    Please note:  In the interest of minimizing plastic in our environment, we no longer sell the 8 ounce size of this product separately.  


    We've searched the automotive detailing world for the very best, most simple, do-it-yourself products.  We buy in bulk and package trunk kits for our Tesla-owning (and other) friends, attempting to use the most environmentally-friendly bottling and shipping we can. We are always looking to improve, so please send your feedback to:  diana.at.teslachick@gmail.com.  Thank you for your business.  Family-owned and run.

    Simplicity IS Luxury


    Note re shipping:  We send via Priority Mail due to the great rates they give us, while still enabling us to track orders (we split the cost with you on small orders) - but there is always free shipping in our store on any order over $50.00!