TeslaChick(TM) Waterless Car Wash - 24 oz.


Surprise!  This same formula used by top auto detailing professionals around the country -- letting organic lubricants do the work so you don't have to.  Coating & protecting the surface from dust and actually repelling water for three to four weeks.

Sold to professionals in bulk, this biodegradable, VOC-Compliant, Green-Manufactured Organic product contains unique polymers that fully encapsulate dirt particles on paint -- meaning:  it coats and lubricates the particles so you can wipe them up safely -- IF using a clean, undamaged top-quality microfiber cloth.

Waterless car wash is the only way we've found to regularly clean our Tesla and still maintain that glossy new showroom finish.  But guess what?  It's not just for Tesla anymore -- would you like to give that clean, protected shine to the car you love?  That's what brings back the pleasure to doing it yourself.

Use wet or dry -- WATER IS OPTIONAL -- rinse your car first if you like (or just the spot) -- especially if it is heavily soiled with mud or winter road salt.  But going over it at the end with a final undiluted coating of this product adds the protection, and buffing it with a clean dry cloth is... simply magical.

Bottle contains