TeslaChick(TM) Waterless Car Wash - 24 oz.


Surprise!  This same formula is being increasingly used by top auto detailing professionals around the country -- making their job so much easier.  

Sold to professionals in bulk, this biodegradable, VOC-Compliant, Green-Manufactured Organic product contains unique polymers that fully encapsulate dirt particles on paint -- meaning:  it coats and lubricates the dirt so you can wipe it up safely -- with clean, undamaged top-quality microfiber cloths.

Waterless car wash is the only way we've found to regularly clean our Tesla and still maintain that glossy new showroom finish.  And it's a pleasure to use.

Use wet or dry -- WATER IS OPTIONAL -- rinse your car (or just the spot) with a little water if it is heavily soiled.  Otherwise, TeslaChick is enough.