Two Month Starter Kit

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The equivalent of eight car washes at $7.50 a wash -- and refills will be much less.  Care for your microfiber cloths and they will last years, saving your even more (read instructions page).

See why waterless car wash is rapidly becoming the new trend in car care everywhere -- clean your car anytime & anywhere at the level of a professional detailer in a quarter of the time.   

* Two (24 oz.) spray bottles of TeslaChick(TM) High-Def Waterless Car Wash 

* Four (4) TeslaChick(TM) UltraPlush Microfiber Cloths - they will last years with proper care.

* Two bottles (8 oz) of TeslaChick(TM) High-Tech Microfiber Detergent

* FREE TeslaChick Tote Bag on your first order--we're that certain you will love our products!  Just click "YES!" at checkout.