TeslaChick Logo Tote Bag


High-quality black canvas tote bag with zippered top

Full bag fits in your frunk (or trunk)

Private zippered inner pouch

Heavy canvas / stress-point reinforced

Squared-off bottom so it can stand up on its own

Holds 3-month supply of TeslaChick products  

Free with first time kit orders - choose "FREE TOTE BAG" option

Why?  Because we're that confident once you try TeslaChick, you'll never go back to harsh chemicals, sponges & buckets (or other people washing your car) ever again!


20" W X 15" H X 5" D

26" Long Length Handles


Note re shipping:  We send via Priority Mail due to the great rates they give us, while still enabling us to track orders (we split the cost with you on small orders) - but there is always free shipping in our store on any order over $50.00!