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    The Works

    A $180 value at a 20% discount - year round.

    Everything you need to perform a 5-minute luxury detail any time anywhere PLUS everything you need to quickly and easily clean, shine, moisturize and UV protect your interior -- with biodegradable, natural, unscented, American-made products that add simplicity and pleasure to life with your Tesla - or to the life of your favorite new Tesla owner.

    • Two (2) bottles of our professional quality TeslaChick Waterless Wash - for beautiful Tesla high gloss paint or wrapped/ceramic coated cars (simply spray on and wipe off, then buff (recommended for use with our 450 GSM red cloths.)
    • Immaculate Perception Glass Cleaner - an anti-fogging, tinted-window-safe alcohol based cleaner (recommended to use with our silver diamond cloths, for results with a single stroke.)
    • Leather Lotion - for gentle cleaning and UV protection for all remaining interior surfaces including: leather, vinyl, plastic, brushed aluminum, steering wheel, dash, seats - non-greasy, non-glare, clothing safe.
    • Citrus Sanitizer natural degreaser (for difficult to remove grease, tar, bird droppings, bugs, childhood messes either inside or outside of your car, though I can't imagine how you would get bird droppings on the inside.  
    • One pair of ultra plush red microfiber cloths (super high absorbency to lift away dirt)
    • One pair of spa blue velvet microfiber cloths (super soft and great for all surfaces)
    • One pair of simple white microfiber cloths (for interior surfaces - to apply product with control)
    • One pair of diamond silver waffle weave microfiber cloths (for glass cleaning - works like an applicator and squeegee at the same time)
    • A Window Wand with set of reversible (double use) elastic-rimmed covers in red, diamond and blue microfiber (same as above cloths)
    • A Frunk Tote to keep it all in (which doubles as a bucket, if desired - its completely waterproof and will protect your frunk from spills and dirty used cloths.
    • A large bottle of microfiber detergent - to keep all your microfiber properly soft and clear of grime and soap deposits that might interfere with its soft efficiency.

    Gift wrapping and personalized card is available.  Send your card wording to:  Diana.at.TeslaChick@gmail.com

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    We've searched the automotive detailing world for the very best, most simple, do-it-yourself products.  We buy in bulk and package trunk kits for our Tesla-owning (and other) friends, attempting to use the most environmentally-friendly bottling and shipping we can. We are always looking to improve, so please send your feedback to:  diana.at.teslachick@gmail.com.  Thank you for your business.  Family-owned and run.

    Simplicity IS Luxury


    Note re shipping:  We send via Priority Mail due to the great rates they give us, while still enabling us to track orders (we split the cost with you on small orders) - but there is always free shipping in our store on any order over $50.00!