• Extendable Window Wand


    This window wand with a pivoting AND EXTENDABLE handle (not pictured) bends at the head and can reach deep into the dash to get the windshield clean without stress, but can be extended with its screw-in handle extension to reach the exterior top of even the massive Model X (contingent on your height, of course).  

    It's plastic (sorry) but truly well-made and sturdy with a durable, firm-fitting hinge.  It can be taken apart to fit in small places.  But best of all are our set of elastic-rimmed washable slip-covers which are made with the best quality diamond-weave microfiber (works as an applicator and squeegee simultaneously).  Please note: picture above shows original red microfiber, but these work better so we are transitioning (no picture yet.)

    Blue diamond-weave for streak-free, lint-free cleaning of screens and glass

    Screw-in attachment to extend handle is included.


    We've searched the automotive detailing world for the very best, most simple, do-it-yourself products.  We buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you! - packaging frunk kits for our Tesla-owning (and other) friends, attempting to use the most environmentally-friendly bottling and shipping we can. We are always looking to improve, so please send your feedback to:  diana.at.teslachick@gmail.com.  Thank you for your business.  Family-owned and run.

    Simplicity IS Luxury


    Note re shipping:  We send via Priority Mail due to the great rates they give us, while still enabling us to track orders (we split the cost with you on small orders) - but there is always free shipping in our store on any order over $50.00!